Welcome to Stone of Shona

Welcome to Stone of Shona, exporters and consultants of world class, contemporary stone sculpture direct from the master craftsman of Zimbabwe.

We place these extraordinary works of art directly with corporations, business professionals and individuals who seek the rare qualities of combining sophistication, power and beauty of stone with the creative expression, culture and spirit of Africa.

Stone of Shona, is Australia's largest dealer in Shona sculpture and the industry leader for sourced and commissioned sculpture by Zimbabwe's best artists. We offer exceptional value and quality for every work of art we sell. All our sculptures come fully certified including an artist Biography.

These sophisticated sculptures will complement any modern décor, suitable for stylish interiors, foyers, courtyards and landscaped gardens. The sculptures are all original, authentic works of art, hand carved from a single piece of stone, sometimes over many months. The individual pieces are carved from various hard stone types including Springstone, Cobalt, and Fruit Serpintine.

 'SOS Gallery'  is Stone of Shona's premier gallery, fully catalogued and represents sculpture currently available for purchase and shipping from our Sydney wharehouse. We normally stock around 120 sculptures all of which are quality controlled and re-supplied regularly from our Zimbabwe based operation.


Shona Collectors African Adventure!

Our good friend Greg from the Blue Mountains is a Shona collector, photographer and lover of African art and culture. Greg purchased some of Stephen Murenza's renowned abstract sculptures and the artist sent him a personal note which was much appreciated.

"Tell him that I am happy that my sculptures have reached their final destination and you didn't just buy an object but you have bought a piece of heart , a part of soul and a moment of someone`s life! - Thank you."

"...Stephen’s words made the whole experience of coming upon my first Shona pieces so much more real and personal. To be able to hear about his life what he feels about his art and his influences are very special. Yes he can be assured that they have found their final destination and those feelings are shared."


Saint 'Mary of the Cross' - The Journey ends, her work continues!

All great journeys must come to an end. For Saint 'Mary of the Cross MacKillop' her journey to her new home is complete but her work continues. Renowned Shona artist Stephen Murenza has created an iconic Australian religious work of art.

Made entirely by hand from a single piece of African Springstone born out of the Great Zimbabwean Dyke. Saint 'Mary' will reside for generations of students and parishioners at Lumen Christi Catholic College, Pambula on the New South Wales south coast.

Her journey has taken many months, covered two continents and more than 13,000 kilometres by road and sea. Her work now begins in a new home where she will inspire a new generation "to never see a need without doing something about it."

Monsignor John Woods, Vicar for Education, Blesses St 'Mary of the Cross'













Saint 'Mary of the Cross' -The Miracle of Faith!

After months of shaping raw Springstone from the Great Dyke of Zimbabwe, into the power and beauty of Saint 'Mary of the Cross' MacKillop. Artist Stephen Murenza has produced a Miracle of Faith!

Stephen has dedicated Mary to the students and teachers of Lumen Christi College, Pambula, New South Wales. In Stephen's own words he says, "I have produced her from the natural beauty of a stone called Springstone, with inspiration from the life of St Mary as an educator and from her most important saying: "Never see a need without doing something about it". It is my wish that this piece of Africa will live in Peace and Harmony in Australia.

God Bless,
Stephen Banda Murenza
Harare, Zimbabwe




















Stone of Shona's stunning new 2015 Collection!


Stone of Shona's stunning new 2015 Collection is arriving soon. In the first of two new shipments from Zimbabwe's hottest contemporary artists.




































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