Welcome to Stone of Shona

Welcome to Stone of Shona, exporters and consultants of world class, contemporary stone sculpture direct from the master craftsman of Zimbabwe.

We place these extraordinary works of art directly with corporations, business professionals and individuals who seek the rare qualities of combining sophistication, power and beauty of stone with the creative expression, culture and spirit of Africa.

Stone of Shona, is Australia's largest dealer in Shona sculpture and the industry leader for sourced and commissioned sculpture by Zimbabwe's best artists. We offer exceptional value and quality for every work of art we sell. All our sculptures come fully certified including an artist Biography.

These sophisticated sculptures will complement any modern décor, suitable for stylish interiors, foyers, courtyards and landscaped gardens. The sculptures are all original, authentic works of art, hand carved from a single piece of stone, sometimes over many months. The individual pieces are carved from various hard stone types including Springstone, Cobalt, and Fruit Serpintine.

 'SOS Gallery'  is Stone of Shona's premier gallery, fully catalogued and represents sculpture currently available for purchase and shipping from our Sydney wharehouse. We normally stock around 120 sculptures all of which are quality controlled and re-supplied regularly from our Zimbabwe based operation.


Zimbabwe- Land of Shona Stone!





   All of Stone of Shona's sculptures come from a good home!

Courtyard Elegance! 'Water Spirit' by William Murenza

This beautiful courtyard installation was recently completed by Stone of Shona clients Rex and Jann for their Brisbane home. Highlighting the versatile and contemporary nature of Shona sculpture, this artwork by William Murenza, called 'Water Spirit' was handcrafted from Fruit Serpentine and produced in the traditional Shona method.

Divine Inspiration-Stephen Murenza's latest work

Stephen Murenza has an international reputation for quality commissioned sculpture for a reason.
He continues to produce collector quality sculpture for Stone of Shona clients across the globe.

He is is without doubt one of Zimbabwe's hottest artists and Stone of Shona is proud to be working with him on our latest commissioned work for St Teresa's Catholic College located in Queensland, Australia.
His latest work in Springstone, 'Family' was inspired by the colleges desire to commemorate their 10th anniversary with a sculpture of Mary, Joseph and child. After completing the design concept, Steve set to work four weeks ago selecting the stone for this worthy project.

After a four day round trip from his home base in Harare to carefully select the raw Springstone, he was ready to start work on the artistic process. Skilled Shona artists 'see' their creation in the stone before the first blow from the chisel.

Over many weeks, the sculpture emerges under the patient hand of the master, like the change of a season, to reveal its new character.
After a three month process, the 'Family' sculpture is installed in its new home at St Teresa's College.
Kaylene Ryan, Brother Paul Creevey and Mark Roberton  officially welcome their new sculpture during its installation. 
If your interested in commissioning a work by Stephen Murenza, or finding out more about traditional Shona sculpture, contact us at trevor@stoneofshona.com.au

Stone. Art. Wine.Perfection...


Lovers of wine and art, Seven Ochre Vineyard purchased this beautiful Opalstone Shell for their extensive collection. Being sculptors as well as vineyard owners is a perfect partnership.

Located in the Margaret River Wine Region, visit them at www.sevenochres.com.au


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