Fungai Gwena

Born the on 11th July 1973. Fungai grew up in Mutare; he also attended school in Mutare. He excelled in arts and craft but due to a lack of encouragement from his family, felt that he should go for something more promising.

He became a waiter at the Meikles hotel. Guests at the hotel would often buy art and sculptures which made Fungai wish even more that he had pursued his dream. In 1999 he met Farai Darare; he admired his art and decided to give sculptures a try. Farai showed Fungai how to make stone sculptures, so finally he got to make his dream come true. His very first order for stone sculptures was in 1999.

His first pieces and favourite is abstract art but he became a talented sculptor in different types of art. He works in a variety of stones.


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