Givemore Mashaya

Givemore was born in Nyanga in 1982 and attended the Mazarura Primary school and went on to do his `O` Level course at Mazarura Secondary school, also in Nyanga.

At the age of sixteen, Givemore had already started sculpting, having been influenced by his brothers, some of whom are very successful artists themselves.

Since he had made up his mind to make sculpture his lifetime career, he moved to the Capital, Harare, to seek more exposure. There he joined his brothers and started working as a family. He also worked with the Nyanongos who were very helpful in polishing his skills.

Givemore is very gifted young artist who is comfortable working with a whole variety of stone types.
His works has the potential to develop to higher levels of creativity. He believes that stone sculpture is a form of art that promote the African culture and that is a way of writing down the History of Africa in a manner that can be easily appreciated by future generations.

Givemore has participated in various exhibitions in Zimbabwe and has had several of his works taken abroad by art collectors.
His ambition is to create the most outstanding piece of his generation

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