Spiritual Properties:

Opalstone enhances kindness, wisdom, sincerity and honour. This stone promotes an understanding of our own personal history as well as world history and tradition. Opalstone is a healing stone, particularly useful for healing painful memories.


I open myself to light, truth and hope.

Physical Properties:

Mohs 4-5.5

Generally a softer stone, compared to the harder serpentines. Opalstone is a beautiful light greenish serpentine known for its extremely close grain texture. Opalstone is known for its milky light coloured greens and smooth texture, sometimes with red, orange and blue patches. It is also unique in that it has fewer colour variations than Serpentine. This stone is one of the favourites of sculptors, as it’s not as hard as Springstone and other serpentines, but still polishes to a high finish.

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