Spiritual Properties:

Springstone is grounding, strengthening and regenerating. Springstone promotes leadership, passion and magnificence in your life. Solid foundations, responsibility and persistence through the integration of mind and body reward you with lasting success.


I am brave, I am strong.

Physical Properties:

Mohs 7-8

Springstone is a very hard serpentine, with high iron content and very fine grain that polishes to an amazing black lustrous finish.

A regular feature if this black stone is a layer of chrome ore running through the sculpture. This vein of ore is extremely hard and during the polishing of the sculpture the softer stone adjacent to the vein wears away faster than the chrome vein leaving the vein standing out proud.

A further feature of Springstone is it may be covered with a thick layer of reddish brown material. This is the oxidization of the iron in the stone. Many of the artists use this additional feature of the stone to give a sculpture a two tone effect. This ferrous oxide is softer than the heart of the stone.

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