Stephen Murenza

Stephen Murenza was born in the remote area of Rushinga, northern Zimbabwe in 1982 and is the third son in a family of six boys.

Stephen’s words:
“I did my primary and secondary school levels at Chomuturutu School and was encouraged into sculpting soon after leaving by my brothers Julius and Rufaro and cousin Cloppas Kamere since I already had a love of the art since ten years old.”

Julius, Rufaro and Cloppas worked closely with Joe Mutasa in their early years and passed on that knowledge to Stephen who learned well and decided to work as an independent sculptor in 2003.

Many sculptors in Zimbabwe can be identified by their style because it changes little from one to another sculpture, but Stephen has developed a skill far beyond his years that allows him to carve in many different styles.

Stephen says he wants to overcome the current problems of Zimbabwe by working hard and concentrating on his art to support his lovely wife, Memory Nemaruru . He has two children a daughter, Leetoya, born in 2003 and a son Stephen Jnr.

“As a young upcoming artist, I would have the dream of becoming known all over the world as my sculptures have seen many countries before I have.”

In his spare time, Stephen says he like to go swimming, playing soccer and listening to music.

Stephen has a personality that inspires trust and respect due to his commitment to his art and family. At such a young age, he takes control of his workshop in a manner befitting a much older man. His workshop in situated in Chitungwiza, the largest high density township in Zimbabwe.

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