Welcome to Stone of Shona

Stone of Shona exports world class, contemporary stone sculpture direct from the master craftsman of Zimbabwe to you!

We place these extraordinary works of art directly with corporations and individuals who seek the rare qualities of sophistication, power and beauty of stone with the creative expression and spirit of Africa.

Stone of Shona, is Australia's largest dealer in Shona sculpture and the industry leader for sourced and commissioned sculpture by Zimbabwe's best artists. We offer exceptional value and quality for every work of art we sell. All our sculptures come fully certified including an artist biography.

These sophisticated sculptures will complement any modern décor, suitable for stylish interiors, foyers, courtyards and landscaped gardens. The sculptures are all original, authentic works of art, hand carved from a single piece of stone. 

At Stone of Shona, our passion is stone and we have been collecting Shona stone art for over 20 years. Our experience from living and working in Southern Africa has given us a unique understanding and appreciation of the culture and its people.

Come on a journey with us into the extraordinary world of Shona stone art, the artists and the power and the beauty of Africa!


If you can't find what your looking for in the 'SOS Gallery', then try our  'Inspiration Gallery. This gallery is to provide you with inspiration and concepts when considering your next sculpture. Currently displaying around 100 sculptures. Sculptures in this gallery are located in Zimbabwe, they are works by various artists and are not quality controlled, catalogued or owned by Stone of Shona. The purpose of this gallery is to provide exposure for the artists and  ideas when considering commissioned or sourced sculpture. However, Stone of Shona can make enquiries on your behalf  to access the availabilty and quality of sculptures in this gallery.


Magnificent colour and inspirational works of art are produced by the Shona masters of Zimbabwe. This art form has a 2000 year history and has been reignited in the last 50 years to produce some of the world’s most powerful and beautiful works of art.

The process involves the artist working with the stone from the time it is quarried to try and interpret or reveal its spiritual nature. Only then can the artistic journey begin, chiseling the stone by hand to a point where the piece can be sanded, heated by fire and coated in bees wax to bring out the natural colour and texture of the stone.

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